a b o u t

Oh, hey there.

I'm Jamie.

New Zealand gal BY BIRTH.

either LIVING in London or out of an overweight suitcase.


As a little girl, my parents dressed me like a tomboy and I never shut up. So it's not surprising that I've grown up to rebel against the dungaree-and-skivvy duo with a thing for fashion, have a career and degree in communications, and this blog that’s a bit of both.

But what about in between? 

I survived my seven-year stint at high school.
Modeled until I plateaued at five foot seven and was being dwarfed by long-limbed teenagers. 
And did seven semesters at university until I graduated as a top student with a Bachelor of Communications Studies (yup, I'm a bit of a geek). 

When I hit 21, I went from being a girl with a degree to a strategic planner at DDB (one of Asia Pacific’s leading advertising agencies) with clients ranging from fast food to even faster cars.

But while my day job was in adland, my days were spent daydreaming about all new destinations and wardrobe additions. So come 2017, I left agency life behind, said see you soon to New Zealand, and moved to London to trade in advertising Chicken McNuggets for aiming for McCartney.

Hence, the start of The Blondini Chronicles. A place and platform that tells the tales of my life, looks and locations along the way. So stay tuned here. Or here. Or here.

j x