For me, there's always been something about Sydney. 

Maybe it's because it doubled as my home away from home growing up. 
Maybe it stole my heart because that's where a certain someone else did. 
Maybe I can't get enough of it because I can never get enough sunshine, surf and shopping.
Oh and the food. Lots of amazingly scrumptious food.
So maybe that's why after a full on ten months, we didn't need to think too hard or venture too far to spend a much-needed ten days off.

There's something about Sydney. See for yourself. 

j a m i e  x

b e s t   f o o d : A tasty toss up between Mr. Wong & The Boathouse (amazing service would have to put Mr. Wong on top but be prepared to go super early and still have to wait a while for a table. But I promise it will be worth the wait.)

s h o p   t i l   y o u   d r o p : The Intersection in Paddington, "The Home of Australian Fashion" (Warning: you will walk away poor but very well dressed afterwards)

o l d i e   b u t   a   g o o d i e : Finding a spot at the Opera Bar to watch the sun go down over Sydney's Harbour

c a n ' t   n o t   d o : Getting lost among the sun-worshippers at Bondi Beach 

w i s h   I ' d   t r i e d : The Greens - the old bowls club-turned-new opening by The Grounds of Alexandria (also to die for but both a little out of the way)

s y d n e y s i d e r   s e c r e t : Parsley Bay (hidden in the Sydney suburbs) or Mackerel Beach (up the coast but well worth the trip (and staying there)