All hail the legend of the lattice #NYFW

Moynihan Station and Clarkson Square now lay bare of the bright, bold, and beautiful that filled their walls last week. After a short and style-studded eight days, New York Fashion Week has been and gone for 2015. And other than my extraordinarily long wishlist (wish being the operative word, unfortunately), the #NYFW posts still filling up my Instagram are keeping the fantasy alive.

One collection that always gets the double tap is that of material mastermind, Dion Lee.

The celebrated Australian designer is lauded internationally for his ability to flawlessly morph classic cuts together with cutting-edge and experimental construction. And lauded he should be. This arresting duality that defines Lee's signature style has also brought a new definition to garments for the modern women. Not bad at only 29 years old.

His latest SS16 collection, that debuted down the runway at Milk Studios on Saturday, was no different.

It boasted few bold colours, no loud prints; for true craftsmen like Lee, his collections don’t rely on these shortcuts to captivate audiences. Instead he proved, irrefutably, that the little details have the maximum effect:

The way he accents understated palettes with intricate lattice detailing.
His ability to perfectly blend fluid lines with hints of architectural structure.
How we flawlessly accentuates the female silhouette just enough to celebrate but not exaggerate it.
His elegant-meets-experimental designs which reveal just the right amount of bare flesh.

Words cannot do Lee's handiwork justice so I'll let his collection do the rest of the talking.

Prepare to be wowed. 

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