ATTN: All London ladies, ex-Aucklanders & fellow disciples of bleach.

I don't know a single female who would refute that finding a good hairdresser is one of life's essentials. 

My quest has seen me with fringes I never asked for, ends that have snapped off and, when I conceded to the trend of coloured tips, I was left with a full head of purple hair and an evening drowning my head in dishwashing liquid.  

Hence why, back in Auckland, once I had found the Stephen Marr team, my derrière helped to soften their seats for many years. (And chances are that if you're a fellow Aucklander - and with a problematic mop like mine that demands a few dollars being spent on it - yours has graced one of their salon chairs too.)

But Stephen Marr doesn't just turn out runway-ready clients, it's a breeding ground for the top talent in the industry. My first stylist is now taking New York by storm, my second now taming the manes of Melburnians, and third, an ex-Stephen Marrian who's the girl behind Auckland's 'it girls'.

And here comes the good news for all of you London-based ladies:

Soon after touching down on this side of the world I discovered that the stars - or rather our itineraries - had aligned: Stephen Marr's creative director, Matt Benns, had also flown the coop to London. Needless to say I wasn't going to trust my hair in anyone else's hands.

Hair Collage BW.jpg


Going to see Matt took me on two tubes and two buses to Glasshouse Salon; a petite and environmentally-thoughtful salon tucked away in the hip-and-happening area of East London. While Matt's mastery was already enough of a reason to brave the London cold and crammed tube carriages to Hackney, the salon's reputation further validated a visit to Netil House. In fact, when I randomly remarked to a girlfriend that I was going to a salon in East London, her first and very accurate guess was that I must be going to Glasshouse Salon. That's when I knew I was onto a very good thing. 

Glasshouse Salon pioneered the way for organic hair colour in London and, as a result, has become a cult hair destination among many luscious-locked Londonders (and of course us ex-pat Kiwis). After years of suffocating my hair under layers of bleach and having a love-hate relationship with my GHD straightener, my hair was certainly grateful that a trip to see Matt would mean only gentle, nourishing and natural ingredients would be going near it (including a quinoa protein booster?!)

Matt joining the team - that already boasts two other ex-Stephen Marrians - gives the salon extra kudos. Aside from his Stephen Marr heritage, he's been a stylist extraordinaire at New Zealand and New York Fashion Weeks, was the legend behind Lorde's locks on her Vogue Australia cover, and is now the poor guy in charge of taming my mane (and that takes some serious skill, believe you me).

So do yourself and your hair a favour, London ladies, and book in with Matt now. With him at the helm, only organic goodness in your hair, and a coffee in hand, you'll thank me. But don't fill his schedule right up, this girl stills need to be able to get in to see him.

You're welcome.

j x

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Glasshouse Salon.
Netil House,
1 Westgate St. London, E8 3RL

(+44) 020 3095 9783

Photos: Glasshouse Salon & moi