The tale of me, Kate Moss and the trouble she got me into. 

I've always had a thing for Kate Moss.

What girl didn't look up to her bare-faced beauty, love of leather and Louboutins, and her middle-finger-in-the-air attitude?

And in my modelling days, when other girls' growth spurts came at my expense, I kept reassuring myself that I was the same height as her. Same height, just slightly different results.. ha! But our 170cm were where our similarities started and stopped. 

That was until this little black door. 

This little black door that Kate led me to and then successfully led me astray. 

Outside Portrait.jpg
Tattoo Wall.jpg
Tattoo Wall Diagonal.jpg
Moss Mag.jpg


Sorry Dad, yes, the bad news: I got inked.

But the good news: I got inked by the very studio that's responsible for designs that decorate Kate Moss. A studio that exists behind this unsuspecting black door in the heart of Shoreditch and boasts some of London's top tattoo artists - including New Zealand-born, Nikole Lowe - and it's for this very reason that Good Times Tattoo attracts clientele like Moss and a reassuringly significant waiting list.

If you know me - this self-admitted straight-laced and straight-A girl from little old New Zealand - the fact that I branded myself with needle and ink will come as a bit of a shock. But if you also know me and where I'm headed (HINT: Read my 'Behind Blondini' post), then this is a little bit of that risk and irreverence I wrote about. And a rather permanent reminder of it. 

The numbers are also a very permanent reminder of something else. But I'll leave that story for another day, and leave you guessing. 

As Kate Moss said, "What people say isn't going to stop me. I have to do things for myself."

So I didn't let people talk me out of this accessory. I risked being disowned by my Dad, disapproving looks from my family, and went and got myself a tattoo.

Thanks for the advice, Kate, and for recommending where to follow it through!



JACKET | ASOS Leather Biker Jacket with Stud Detail

PANTS | Topshop Stripe Wide Trousers (unfortunately now out of stock!)

HEELS | Tony Bianco (not current season)

BAG | Sportsgirl (not current season)