The rarest little girl in the world who's not only fighting for her life, but fighting for all the other children facing a similar yet silent battle. 

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When I first joined the Instagram scene, Jessica Stein - AKA. Tuula Vintage - was the first blogger I ever followed. Ever since then, her adventures inspired me to travel the world, but none have inspired me, and so many other people more than her latest and biggest adventure - being a mum to a little girl with one of the rarest conditions in the world.

I don’t ‘know’ Jess beyond Instagram, but I do know the pain of seeing a loved one helpless in hospital, of trying to stay full of hope when your energy levels, sanity and bank accounts are near empty, and how something like this puts everything else in perspective. While I’m travelling around the world in Jess’ footsteps, she and her husband are travelling back and forth to the hospital; while you’re constantly checking your Instagram, they’re constantly checking on their daughter’s vital signs. The same price you pay for your coffee each morning could help them spend another precious morning with their daughter, and hopefully one that’s out of a hospital. 

Please head to Jess' Go Fund Me page here to help little Ru in any way you can. All the money raised goes towards looking after this incredibly special little girl, and to looking after the kids and carers who are facing a similar yet silent battle. Jess and her hubby haven’t asked for a single cent to look after themselves, even though they don't have many left.

None of us know what our next adventure will be; and we never know if it will be down a similar road to Ru's or one where it's our turn to put our hand up for help. So please make Ru's first adventure in this world one worth fighting for.

Sending lots of love & prayers to this brave little girl ♥

j x


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