DESTINATION №. 8 | Discovering paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean


After a few full-on & frenzied weeks in India, being stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean offered us the perfect retreat.

Virtually untouched by the tourist trail (yet anyway), the secluded Andaman Islands very happily cut us off from the rest of the world - both physically (thanks to a lack of any international airport) and digitally (with nothing that came close to resembling decent cellphone or WiFi coverage). Bliss. Of the Andamans' 325 islands, we called Havelock Island home for the week; one tropical island that we were very happy to be deserted on.


Of the Andaman's few inhabited islands, head to Havelock Island but don't book your entire stay in advance. 
Only a handful of the island's resorts are hooked up to the internet so you will find slim pickings (and the
most expensive pickings) online. Book for your first night (or two) for peace of mind, then hire a scooter
when you get there and hotel-hop until you find the one best suited to you. NB: Sunrise Resort (where we
stayed) certainly boasts the most picturesque strip on Beach No.5.


#1 Hire a scooter as your mode of transport on the island. A mere $9USD a day will allow you to explore
where you like, when you like, and as you like.
#2 Watch the sun go down from the famous Radhanger beach.
#3 Catch a boat (or walk the 1.8km if you're feeling fit) to the postcard-picturesque Elephant Beach
(NB: It will be tourist mad down there but they tend to stick together near the boats. Wander past
them and it will feel like you have the beach all to yourself). 


Hands down, Golden Spoon. The best lobster & conveniently the best WiFi on the island.


Only a bikini + sunscreen for day, insect repellent for night. You won't need anything else. 


An inflatable lilo which are very easy to come by. Spending a day floating in the crystal blue waters is
beyond dreamy.


The only way to get to Havelock Island is via a ferry from Port Blair and make sure you book the
ferry in advance
. So many tourists (like us) end up being stranded for a night in Port Blair because
of dramas with the ticket counters at the Ferry Terminal. It's not worth losing a day or your cool when
it can be booked so easily online. 

Jamie Barrett