DESTINATION №. 6-7 | A pink city, pink skies & a proposal

I'm a little biased. I always thought this part of the trip would be one of my favourites - i mean, A pink city Is every little girl's fairytale & the the taj, enough said. but then tom also went and chose jaipur as the place to pop the question, so now it has to be up there as one of my favourite places in the world. 



As the current capital of Rajasthan, the 'pink city', and supposedly India's first planned city, Jaipur is a colourful and contrasting mix of old and new. Like all of India's big cities, the frenzied state of its streets are inevitable; however, the city's royal splendours offer many chances to escape. All thanks to the city's founding Maharaja, who a built a city full of regal charm to cater to his every selfish desire, the city's footprint is adorned with majestic palaces, pavilions, hillside forts and palatial gardens for us travellers to now enjoy. Oh, and of course a pink city. 


To make yourself feel like a princess in this royal city, don't stay anywhere but at Alsisar Haveli. This 19th
century mansion offers the most idyllic sanctuary in the middle of Jaipur's big and bustling city. Grandeur
and grounds fit for the royals, tick. A stunning swimming pool, tick. AND even a French bulldog called Stella. 


#1 Watch the sun go down over Jaipur from the walls of Nahargarh (Tiger) Fort.
#2 There's nothing more magical than seeing the countryside from 10,000ft in a hot air balloon
(but of course I’d say that). Warning: It's pricey but an experience that's worth every single cent.
#3 Hire a tuktuk for a day - don't pay anymore than 1000 ruppees/USD$15 for the day - and ask
your driver to give you a local's tour of Jaipur.


Peacock Rooftop Restaurant. A great and extensive multi-cuisine menu, a great vibe thanks to the
buzz ofpeople and live music, and a great view out over the city (#ihavethisthingforrooftops).

Wish I’d done

Jaipur is known for being a shopper's paradise, and I'm still kicking myself for not getting lost in the
city's famous bazaars (a bug kept me in bed and out of the markets, damn it).  The markets are
a destination for those who like to collect and curate those pieces that have a unique beauty and
traditional touch. In paritcular, Johari Bazaar houses India's largest collection of spellbinding
jewellery,  and Nehru is your place for traditional Joothi shoes - heaven for someone like me
with an obsession for shoes and sparkle.

Best photo spot

Sitting on top of the walls of Nahargarh Fort while starting out over the pink city and watching
the sun go down among a pink sky. 


Most tuktuk drivers have commission arrangements with shopkeepers so make sure that your
tour of Jaipur isn't just a tour around where there will get a cut of any of your purchases. 



Dare I say it but few people go to Agra to see Agra. You go to Agra to stand in front and in awe of one the seven manmade Wonders of the World, the mesmerising Taj Mahal. So it's not surprising what I'm about to recommend... 


The Taj Mahal. You may have seen it a million times on social media but nothing compares
to seeing it with your own eyes. Prepare to be blown away.


Buy your tickets for the Taj online rather than waiting in queues at the handful of ticket
counters (and yes, you can buy them online despite what many people will tell you). 
And get to the Taj early. The gates open at sunrise so to get the best (and least crowded)
view, prepare to join the already-building lines of people at 5am/6am. And don't try and
visit on a Friday (the Taj isn't open to the public on Fridays). 

Wish I'd Done

Agra Fort. We didn't have the time to add this to our itinerary, but those who we met
that had, said it was well worth a visit.


Jamie Barrett